Ferrero Packaging System


Ferrero Packaging System

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Ferrero Packaging System

For Christmas Holidays 2010, italian chocolate manufacturer Ferrero has opened a temporary store in the heart of Milan to show-off the complete production of the company’s chocolate pralines. The client commissioned the ideation and design of a modular packaging system that customers could be able to compose and customize directly in-store and on-line on the company’s e-shop. The project is focused on a set of items that can be combined to create different boxes, where pre-packed modular pralines’ trays can be arranged by the customers. Covered with luxury paper borrowed from the world of fashion and jewelry, each box can store a personal greeting card, becoming a unique gift

Ferrero Modular Packaging System was introduced for Christmas Holidays 2010 in Ferrero Temporary Store.

Designed at ©MrSmith Studio for Ferrero S.p.A.




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