Reef Armchair

Reef Armchair

Reef Armchair

Reef Armchair, designed for Connubiawith its bright colors and its free spirit is a homage to the ocean reef, which with its biodiversity represents a vital, astonishing reality and, at the same time fragile and to be taken care of. Its creation marks a new design awareness which has seen the company and the designer working side by side in order to find innovative solutions, capable of generating a sustainable and responsible production. If on one hand the lines of the design trace a timeless product conceived to last, each element has been studied with a circular and sustainable approach, fulfilling the guidelines of the “GreenBow” program created by Calligaris Group.

Each armchair produced equals to the recycling of more than 100 plastic bottles; the fabric used for the covering is totally made with recycled Polyester thread, consisting of plastic waste taken from our oceans and from post-consumer products. The inner structure is made woods coming from certified FSC forests; the inner upholstery is made of recycled Polyurethane foams coming from old sofas and matresses, as well as recycled Polyester fibers mainly coming from plastic containers. Also the packaging in which Reef is going to be delivered in our homes is made with recycled cardboards, printed with a low-consumption of inks.

With Reef it is possible to contribute to saving the oceans while sitting comfortably.

Reef Armchair has been introduced during Milan Design Week 2022 and has been awarded with the “Best of Neocon Sustainability Award” and the “Best of Neocon Innovation Award” at the Neocon Show in Chicago and with the“Archiproducts Design Awards” in the categories of Furniture and Sustainability.

Designed for Connubia


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